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RTA Web - Motor Pool Reservation List Overview

The reservation list displays all reservations that have been added to the RTA software. Click on Reservations under Motor Pool in the side menu to access the list. This list can be viewed as a whole or can be sorted/adjusted for specific views. The ability to sort and customize columns as well as to export the master list are available.

Refer to Master List Functions TOC for instructions.

Refer to Motor Pool Assets for instructions on setting assets up in Motor Pool.

This article will cover the various columns that can appear on the Reservation Master List as well as actions that can be taken while viewing the list.

Searching the Reservation Master List

The search bar at the top of the master list will allow the user to search by specific datasets.

Search does not exclude fields and may have multiple results.

To search for any applicable data from the list, do the following:

  1. Enter the data to search in the search bar

  2. Press Enter

  3. The list will re-display with all the line items that contain a matching result

Refer to Customizing Lists for instructions on using filters.

Columns appearing on the Reservation Master List

There are multiple columns available for display on the Reservation Master List. Refer to Customizing Master List Columns for instructions on adding and removing columns. The description of each is listed below.


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  • Status - Status of the reservation

    • RTA Motor Pool comes with 4 statuses. While these four statuses cannot be changed, others can be added. Refer to Reservation Status Setup

  • Facility - The facility the asset is assigned to

  • Asset - The asset or asset number assigned to the asset

  • Planned Check Out - The date that the asset should be checked out

  • Reservation Number- Reservation file number

  • Actual Check Out - Date the asset was actually checked out

  • Planned Return - The date the asset should be returned by the renter

  • Actual Return - Date the asset is actually returned by the renter

  • Renter - Name of the renter

  • Renter Department - Department the renter named as renter is assigned to

  • Driver Department - Department the driver is assigned to

  • Driver - Driver’s name

  • Payment Type - The method of payment for the reservation

    • RTA Motor Pool comes with four options and these are not editable

Actions that can be performed on the Asset Master List

There are multiple actions that can be taken from the Master List at the click of a button. Below is a list of actions that can be performed from the list. Detailed instructions for each may be located elsewhere and a link to the appropriate article will be provided.

By Selecting the Plus Button:

By Selecting the Triple Dots Menu Option: