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RTA Web - Motor Pool Table of Contents

Motor Pool is designed for fleets that lease or rent vehicles and works with your existing vehicle and customer files in the RTA system. Motor Pool is a very flexible program and can accommodate the needs of many different types of motor pool fleets, yet it remains comprehensive and user-friendly. Motor Pool will help track the following items.

  • Available vehicles

  • Reserved vehicles

  • Checked out vehicles

  • Vehicle due back

  • Status of all vehicles

  • Vehicle rental history

  • Customer rental history

  • Billing information

Effectively using the Motor Pool elements in your RTA software requires important actions. Use the table of contents below to navigate to the various articles regarding Motor Pool.

Start with “Getting Started with Motor Pool” as it will contain some important directions for proper set up.

  1. Getting Started With Motor Pool

  2. Motor Pool Assets

  3. Motor Pool Reservation Rates

  4. Motor Pool Reservation List Overview

  5. Motor Pool Reservations Overview

  6. Creating a Motor Pool Reservation

  7. Managing Motor Pool Reservations

  8. Creating a Motor Pool Reservation Using Customer Kiosk Mode