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Classic RTA to Web - Links to Desktop User and Employee Link

For more in-depth information on how to setup users for access to the RTA Web Application and/or the RTA Mobile Application Refer to knowledge base on RTA Web – Creating New Users  

When setting up users to have access to the RTA Web and Mobile programs there are two fields that create a link back to the Classic RTA Desktop to identify the user’s:  

  • Desktop User (RTA Classic User) 

  • Employee/Technician Information 

Linking these fields to the Web User enable certain functions in RTA Web and Mobile.  

You will link the Desktop Username when you want to bring your dashboards into Mobile

Linking the user can also identify the name of the person entering records for auditing purposes such as buyers on POs (Purchase Orders), Parts Adjustments, or Creating/Closing a Work Order if you already have your users setup in the Classic Version of RTA. If you do not link back to a classic user then it will just use your current web user for audit purposes.

The importance of either linking an existing employee or adding a new one to a web/mobile user is to enable paperless shop for both tools and so the program knows which mechanic you are for Paperless Shop on Web and Mobile when you are logged in.

It is also important to assign employees whether linked or not if you plan to use Kiosk mode for mechanics that work on shared devices on Web or Mobile.  

If the Paperless Shop navigation section is missing from the top of Web it is because there is no Employee linked to your user profile for that facility.