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RTA Web - Shop

In RTA Web, technicians are able to clock on and track work order transactions real time saving time and accurately tracking time on each job and completing the labor postings automatically.

Before technicians can use these features, be sure they are linked to the proper facilities. Refer to Creating New Users for more information on completing this important step.

My Work

Users sign into RTA Web with the same username and password they use to connect to the RTA Server, ending in, with the accompanying password. Under the side-menu, select the option that says Shop > My Work.

The page will display the current assignments for this user, including Incomplete Jobs, Recent Jobs and Scheduled Jobs.

Incomplete Jobs have been started, but exited before completing

Relevant Jobs shows other open jobs assigned the vehicle the tech has recently worked on. the idea being before the vehicle pulls away, other work can be completed

Scheduled Jobs have been assigned to the user and not started yet

All jobs can be clocked into, but are subject to RTA System user access rights. If a user is unable to re-open a closed line or assign themselves a job, it will be because their user profile does not allow this. Talk to your admin, or call RTA Support for assistance in these cases.

From 'My Work', the user can select one of five options:

  • Notes - view job details and edit

  • Start - Clock onto the job line and begin tracking labor

  • View All Scheduled Jobs - Maximize the scheduled jobs list to show all jobs assigned to this user

  • Direct Job Search - Lookup an unknown work order by the job description or VMRS code and view it’s details

  • Add Job - Create a Work Order, or add a new Work Order Line to an existing Work Order

If the user selects ‘Start’, their screen will clock them onto the line in question and allow for parts posting, notes and the option to add additional lines.

When logged into a job currently, the Tech’s job details will display on the top of the desktop screen. That view can be clicked on to see additional details, or can simply stay at the top of the screen as research and other areas are being viewed on the main screen. From the Job Details at the top of the screen, the user can click to view “My Work, Indirect Jobs or Begin Lunch”

  • My Work will pull a list of assigned jobs

  • Indirect Jobs shows approved jobs to clock into without billing time to a work order

  • Begin Lunch will stop the time-clock on the current job and allow the user to begin shift again after lunch, directly back into the job they were previously working.

From within the job line, the user can Post parts by clicking on “Post”. A new screen will register, requesting parts details. When the user begins typing the part number or description, options will show in a drop-down list to choose from. Select the part and input the quantity posted, then click “Save”

The overall transaction details will also appear at the bottom of the posting screen. Labor transactions will post after they have been completed and clocked out of.

When finished…the user will select any of the top-screen options of My Work, Indirect Jobs, Begin Lunch or hover over the job clock or shift clock and click End Job or End Shift. In doing so, a notice screen will appear that the user is about to ‘clock off’ of the current job and a request to mark it as “Complete” or “Incomplete”:

Shop Activity

From Shop > Shop Activity, the user will see an overview of the users currently clocked in through RTA Web or Paperless Shop. This is an Admin only feature as it details with overview labor details and the ability to end others' shifts/jobs. The 4 options for current activity are

  • Direct Jobs

  • Indirect Jobs

  • Lunch

  • Idle

The arrows on the right expand the details of that particular section. Click them to view job details and user information.

As an Admin, the user has the ability to end the shift of the mechanic, in case they’ve left for the day and forgot to do it themselves. The Admin can also click the job line under the Tech’s name to see the job details. screen.

Assign Jobs

This feature allows the assigning of technicians to jobs, typically done by the shop supervisor or foreman. It also allows the “releasing”, “reassigning”, and “deleting” of job hours as well. It also provides a way to edit estimated hours.

Here are some definitions:

  • Assign - This is used when there are unassigned hours to a job. Either a job with no assignments or a job with assignments but with extra hours available. This action is used to gather the technician name and hours that will be used to create the job assignment. This can be a single technician or multiple. If multiple are assigned their time is split up by percent.

  • Release - This is used to “release” the selected technician's remaining hours and add them to the unassigned job list. For example, if a job has 3 hours assigned and two technicians are assigned 1 hour each then there would be three records, two for each of the technicians and one as the “unassigned” job. If one of the technicians is “released”, their remaining hours become unassigned. So in this case there would end up with two records: technician for 1 hour and unassigned for 2 hours.

  • Reassign - This is similar to release but instead of applying the remaining hours to “unassigned” they are applied to the selected technician.

  • Remove - This removes the technician and their hours from the job assignments. So if there is a job with 3 hours of estimated time and two technicians with 1 hour each and unassigned with 1 hour. If one of the technicians is “removed” then their hours are removed as well. So there would be a technician with 1 hour and unassigned with 1 hour for a total estimated time of 2 hours.