Mobile Paperless Shop

The Paperless Shop tool on our mobile app allows you to:

  • View your direct and indirect jobs.
  • Clock on to your scheduled and indirect jobs.
  • Tracks time on jobs and post's labor times to the work order.
  • Post Parts (This has been recently added. If you don't have this option, please sign out, check for updates and then sign back in.)
  • Add Jobs
  • Clock in to lunch.
  • Clock in and out for the day.

More features will come in future iterations. As they do, they will be added to this document. Here is what is included:


Before you get started, you need to configure the time zone for the mechanics. This is done by going in to RTA, going to the drop down Master > Facility > File Maintenance and then specifying the zip code for that facility. If there is no zip code, it will use UTC time zone.

Clocking in to Paperless Shop

To access paperless shop in the RTA Mobile app, follow these steps:

1. Click on the three bar icon at the top left corner to pull up the menu options. Select paperless shop.

2. . If you have not been set up to connect your employee ID to your hosted username by your system admin, this will be the first step you need to take. When you first pull up paperless shop, it will ask you to connect your employee ID and password (if required). You can type in your mechanic ID number or your abbreviation (just like in the desktop version of paperless shop). This will need to be done for every facility you have an employee ID for.

You need to have an employee file already created in RTA for this to work. If you don't have an employee record, one will need to be created or it will not link and you will not be able to go any further. If you don't have an employee file on record, you won't be able to get past this first screen.

3. You will then see the main screen to clock in. Select “Start Shift.”

4. From there you can either end your shift (clock off), start your lunch break, select a job to clock on to, or create a new job.

Adding Jobs

1. If you decide to add a job, you will be asked to put in the vehicle number, a meter update, and the VMRS code. You can search for a vehicle or scroll through to find the vehicle you are creating a job for.

2. Once you have your Vehicle, enter in the meter reading. This goes off of your max mileage switch in RTA so it gives you a range of an acceptable meter. If you go above that, you can select to override that meter. You can't submit a higher meter unless you check the override box.

3.. Then you can choose your job code.

4. Once you have selected a job code, you can select if this is for an existing work order or a new work order and choose the vehicle status, repair type and cause code. You can then choose if you want it to be assigned to yourself or not. If you assign it to yourself, you can click 'Add Job & Start' to clock on to the job immediately. Otherwise, you can just add the job to work on it later.

Clocking on to Jobs

1. From the main screen of mobile Paperless Shop, if you hit 'Select Job,' You can choose between direct and indirect job.

2. If you click on the notes section, you can view the work order notes and edit/add notes.

3. If you clock on to a job, it will then display the current job you're assigned to and how long you have been on that job. Plus you also see your notes below. If you have an inspection assigned to that line, it will also show up. For more info, please see Mobile Paperless Inspections. From this screen, you can also add a new job for that vehicle. So if the mechanic notices another issue with that vehicle, they can easily create a new work order line for that same vehicle.

4. If you select post parts, it will take you to the transactions. You can view already posted transactions, and if you click on the '+' symbol in the bottom right, you can put in new parts to post.

5. You can either enter in the part number or you can hit the barcode button in the top left to scan a barcode. If you have a part kit assigned to the line, a blue button will be displayed. If the button is gray, you don't have sufficient quantity to post that part kit. If you pull up a part, it will show you how many you have on hand, and if you want to create a warranty claim for it. If you have enough on hand, you can post.

6. You can also search for part kits if there isn't one assigned. Part kits that don't have sufficient quantity will show a warning icon. Part kits that are available to post will have a box icon.

7. Once you are ready to clock off the job, you can choose whether the job has been complete or is incomplete. You will then be prompted to update the meter and then will see the following screen. you can fill in the prompts and then choose to close the work order line or not. If it is the last line on a work order and you choose to close the line, you will be prompted to close the work order.

8. When you clock off a job, it will take you back to the jobs screen. If you clock off for lunch, you will get the screen below. In order to clock back in from lunch, you need to hit the "Start Job to End Lunch" button. You then need to clock on to a job.

9. When are done with your shift, you can hit "End Shift."