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Classic RTA to Web - End of Period-End of Month Process

In this section we will discuss How End of Period is handled on the Web versus the Classic RTA system.

To see what is handled in the Web if the Switch is turned on. Refer to Period Costs

Important Notes:

  • With the Automate Monthly Fixed Costs Toggle turned on in Web you are forced to use a 12 months per year

You cannot do odd ball cycles like a 13 months, Quarterly or By-Annually because we have to calculate against a static 12 month time frame

  • The Web process will not reset any of the main “Bucket Data” that you will find in the Classic RTA. So if you still use that data for reporting you must also run the End of Month Process on the Classic side to accomplish the Bucket Date Resets (If you use that data in reporting)

  • However with the Web Automate Monthly Fixed Costs turned on the Classic RTA Program will ignore the processes that are done on the Web side. That way if it is run in Web you are not accidently processing things twice

    • So if the Automate Monthly Fixed Costs is on in Web. Then the Web side takes over control of the processes described earlier. While the Classic RTA only touches the extended processes needed for the Bucket Data reset in Classic.

    • If the Automate Monthly Fixed Costs is not turned on in Web then the Classic RTA does all the processes on the Classic side

  • The EOP Process can be managed at the Global Level under the Admin Main Menu under the Company Info sub-menu

Refer to the End of Period Process in Classic RTA for the Closing procedures