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RTA Web - Company Info

RTA Web allows you the ability to upload your company logo and turn on different Web Modules at the Global Level.

RTA Web - Company Logo

RTA Web allows you the ability to upload your company logo for use in documents such as work order PDFs.

Only one image can exist in this area.

To add your logo, follow the process below:

  1. Expand the Admin area of the RTA Web Menu

  2. Click on Company Info

  3. Click to browse files for upload or simply use the drag and drop function to pull in the logo

    1. Be sure to use an image with high resolution and no background for the best results

    2. Generally, these will be a .png file

RTA Web - Custom Web Configuration

This screen is where you can Globally turn on or off two areas of the software:

  • Purchase Requisitions: This switch turns on the Purchase Requisition Module which will show up in the Main Part Management menu, under the PO’s sub-section called Requisitions. Requested part records that are triggered through the re-order process can be pushed into the Requisition review screen so one can modify or delete any of the requested part records prior to the creation of official Purchase Orders. This module also allows one to manually create a requisition record from scratch to buy parts as well. Finally, the requisition records once approved, then can be transitioned into Purchase Orders.

  • Work Order Status: Refer to Work Order Status for more information

RTA Web - Period Cost Settings

This is the Global Screen to turn on the Automated End of Month process in Web.

See next section on End of Month Processes