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RTA Web - Period Cost Settings

In this section we will discuss what is referred to as End of Month Process for Period Costs. This Web setting section controls when the End of Month Process will run at the Global Level for all facilities.

For setting the End of Month Process at the Facility level see the Facility Period Cost Settings section.

Automated End of Month Process:

To turn on the Automated End of Period Process Globally the settings are found in the Period Cost Settings sections found under the Admin main menu and Company Info Sub Menu in Web.

General Settings Screen

Date Selection Option

Week and Day Option


Field Description

Automate Monthly Fixed Costs

This Toggle is the “Global” Master switch to turn on the Web Period Cost Automated Process.

Schedule Time

Sets the Time you want the End of Month Process to Trigger.

Day (Date)

This Radio Button Allows you to set the End of Month Process to trigger on a certain Date each month. Note: Setting it to 31 will guarantee that it runs on the last day every Month regardless of the number of days in that month.

Week and Day

This Radio Button Allows you to set the End of Month Process to trigger on a certain Week and Day each month. For Example: we want the End of Month Process to Trigger on the First Monday each Month

Turning on Automated End of Month Process

With the Automate Monthly Fixed Costs Switch Turned on:

  • RTA Will Automate the recurring executed time it runs based on:

    • Time of day the process is to be run

    • Recurring Day of the month

      • For Example: Run the 1st of the Month

      • OR Run the 31st of the month (Which translates to always running on the “last day of the month” even on those months with less then 31 days)

    • Can set up a certain day within a certain week.

      • For Example: Run on Monday every 1st week of the month

What Automated End of Month Process Does to the Data

When this process is run it will trigger the following “Events” in the RTA System:

Parts: (Non-Chargeable)

Non-Chargeable Parts are defined as items that do not directly bill to a work order such as Shop Supplies like bolts, rags, and/or solvents.

  • Posts the monthly non-chargeable parts based on the average monthly usage numbers

    • These also pull directly from Stock Area “A” Only

  • Reduces the Inventory amounts and creates Parts Adjustment Records for those parts coming out of Inventory

  • Adds up the cost of the non-chargeable parts to a facility and adds to the facility record behind the scenes for reporting purposes

Parts: (Chargeable)

Chargeable Parts are defined as items that are directly posted to work orders.

  • Moves the Data in the 12 Period Usage fields found in the Parts Usage Information screen and resets Period 1 Field to Zero for a new month. All the Period quantities roll into the next Period.

    • For example: Period 1 moves to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 etc. Which updates the “Rolling” 12 month usage data

  • Updates the Year Usage and Average Period Usage fields after the Period Usage adjustment described above as well as it recalculates and updates the Re-Order Min and Re-Order Max Quantities for Part records that do not have the Lock Re-Ordering Point/Quantity switch turned on. This is what RTA uses for the re-order triggering and optimal reorder amounts when Re-Order Requests are generated.


The Process triggers the creation of Monthly Fixed cost transactions which include:

These costs can be setup in the Asset Screen under the Financial Tab. In addition the Depreciation Panel Periods Remaining information will increment down by one period for every End of Month Reset.

Posts the Facility Admin fee to each vehicle. See Information on this in the Overhead Panel in the RTA Web - Facility Settings Tab section.

Important Notes:

  • With the Automate Monthly Fixed Costs Toggle turned on in Web the system uses a 12 month per year cycle

Cycles outside of a 12-month year are not available, i.e.: 13 months, Quarterly or By-Annually, because we have to calculate against a static 12 month time frame

  • The end of month process for fixed cost reporting can be managed at the Global Level under the Admin Main Menu under the Company Info sub-menu


  • You can override the Global setting across all facilities to allow each individual facility to run there End of Month process at different times and dates by making the changes to the Organization Facilities Menu under the Facility Settings Tab

Warning!!! Be careful of the On Off switch for the EOM Process: The switch you see is the Global one regardless if you see it in the Admin or under the individual Facilities. So turning off turns off for everyone!!!