End of Period Processes

The RTA system includes some accounting functions, and therefore, it has a corresponding end of period (EOP) processing function. The EOP process closes the current period and performs many functions in the Vehicle, Part, and Tire Inventory modules and a few other areas as well. Current period costs and usage are added to the year and life totals and then zeroed out to allow costs for the new period to start accumulating. A period may not necessarily correspond to the end of a calendar month, but it does represent the end of an accounting period. The actual date of when EOP is processed irrelevant to the RTA system. The RTA system considers a period to be the time between the last and next EOP processes—this could be a day, week, month or year. Most companies choose to process EOP once a month. For others, running EOP once a quarter is sufficient. To determine how often you need to run EOP and when it should be run, it may help to understand exactly what happens when EOP is processed. The various EOP process are explained in the following sections. End of period processes can be individually performed, or may all be performed at once using the End of Period (ALL) feature.

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