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RTA Web - Warranty Claims Master List Overview

The Warranty Claims list displays all claims that have been added to the RTA software. This list can be viewed as a whole or can be sorted/adjusted for specific views. The ability to sort and customize columns as well as to export the master list are available.

Refer to Master List Functions TOC for instructions.

Refer to Creating a Warranty Claim for instructions to create claims in RTA.

This article will cover the various columns that can appear on the Warranty Claims Master List as well as actions that can be taken while viewing the list.

Searching the Warranty Claims Master List

The search bar at the top of the master list will allow the user to search by specific datasets.

Search does not exclude fields and may have multiple results. For example, if a work order is numbered as 1234 and that is also an asset number, the system will return results for claims attached to work order 1234 as well as any claims for asset 1234.

To search do the following:

  1. Enter the data to search in the search bar

  2. The list will re-display with all the line items that contain a matching result

Depending on the number of claims in RTA, be sure to check the bottom of the list to see how many items are displaying per page and how many pages there are to view.

Columns appearing on the Warranty Claims Master List

There are a number of columns available for display on the master list. These columns can be sorted and some even be filtered. The description of each is listed below. Users can use the “Column Chooser” option to remove or add columns. Refer to Customizing Master List Columns for instructions on doing so if needed.

 Expand to see the list of columns available

Column Title

Column Description


Claim Number

Number assigned to the claim after its creation



Work Order number associated with claim



Work Order line number from the work order associated with the claim



Current status of the claim



Number of days the claim has been open



Vehicle number associated with the claim



Vendor associate with the claim submission


Purchase Order

Purchase Order number associated with the claim



Purchase Order line number from the purchaser order associated with the claim


Claim Item

The part that is being claimed. For OEM warranty it will say OEM Warranty and for labor it will show as LABOR


Claim Amount

Amount attempting to be claimed which usually comes from the cost of the purchased item based on the component record. For Labor or OEM Warranty, it is a summation of the transactions that are being claimed (entire line cost for OEM as an example)


Claim Type

Type of claim (OEM, PART, LABOR)


Install Date

The date RTA found that the item was originally installed from the component record. (The last time the part was posted to the asset that is being replaced) For OEM it is usually based on the initial date the warranty was started


Vendor Claim ID

Claim ID entered on the claim, if any (This can also be known as the RMA# = Return Merchandise Authorization


Check Number

Check number entered on claim, if any


Received Amount

Amount received from vendor


Vendor Item Number

Vendor part number if the claim is for a specific vendor part


Replaced On

Date the item was replaced


Updated On

Last date the claim was updated (status change)


Submitted On

Date claim was submitted to vendor


Posted On

Date credit posted to work order


Claim Statuses

Status Title



Claim is created and pending submission to vendor


Claim has been submitted to vendor for processing


Vendor credit has been received


Credit has been posted to applicable work order


Claim has been fully processed and is closed

Actions that can be performed on the Claims Master List

There are multiple actions that can be taken from the Parts Master List at the click of a button. Below is a list of actions that can be performed from the list. Detailed instructions for each may be located elsewhere and a link to the appropriate article will be provided.