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RTA Web - Vendor Master List Overview

The Vendor list, which is found by clicking on Parts Management from the menu, displays all vendors that have been added to the RTA software. This list can be viewed as a whole or can be sorted/adjusted for specific views. The ability to sort and customize columns as well as to export the master list are available.

Refer to Master List Functions TOC for instructions.

Refer to Add a Vendor for instructions to add vendors in RTA.

This article will cover the various columns that can appear on the Vendor Master List as well as actions that can be taken while viewing the list.

Searching the Vendor Master List

The search bar at the top of the master list will allow the user to search by specific datasets.

Search does not exclude fields and may have multiple results.

To search do the following:

  1. Enter the data to search in the search bar

  2. The list will re-display with all the line items that contain a matching result

Refer to Customizing Lists for instructions on using filters.

Columns appearing on the Vendor Master List

There are a number of columns available for display on the PO Master List. These columns can be sorted and some even be filtered. The description of each is listed below. Users can use the “Column Chooser” option to remove or add columns. Refer to Customizing Master List Columns for instructions on doing so if needed.

 Expand to see the list of columns available

Column Title

Column Details


Facility number assigned to the vendor


File/Primary Number assigned to the Vendor

Vendor Abbreviation

Abbreviation for the vendor as stated in the vendor file


Vendor’s business name

Primary Contact

Name of primary contact for the vendor


Phone number for the vendor

Account Number

Customer account number for the vendor


Primary street address for the vendor’s location


Suite number as applicable in the vendor address

Business Type


Yes if marked as a disadvantaged vendor

Certified Date

Date of disadvantaged vendor certification


City and state where vendor is located

Disadvantaged Vendor

Yes if marked as a disadvantaged vendor

Discount Days

Maximum days to claim/add a discount

Discount Percent

Percent of discounts

Vendor Email

Email for primary vendor contact or company email for vendor for communication

F.O.B. Point

Freight On Board point - when you take ownership/responsibility of the items


Fax number for the vendor

Last Purchase Date

Feeds from RTA purchase orders and lists the date of the last receipt from the vendor

Legal Status

Vendor’s entity type such as CCorp, SCorp, LLC, NONPR, etc.

LTD purchases

Life-to-Date purchase amount

Pay Due Days

Number of days after orders of products before the vendor considers the account past due

Ship Via

Shipping method used by the vendor

Tax ID #

Vendor’s federal tax ID#

Tax Rate

Tax rate paid on taxable purchases from the vendor and used to calculate tax on RTA purchase order lines flagged as taxable

Total Ship Days

Number of days to receive ordered items from the vendor

PO Total

Displays the number of RTA purchase orders created for this vendor

Vendor Terms

Repayment terms for the vendor

YTD Purchases

Grand dollar total of purchases from the vendor year to date and feeds from RTA purchase order history

Zip code

Zip code for location of vendor

Actions that can be performed on the Vendor Master List

There are multiple actions that can be taken from the Vendor Master List at the click of a button. Below is a list of actions that can be performed from the list. Detailed instructions for each may be located elsewhere and a link to the appropriate article will be provided.