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RTA Web - Purchase Orders Master List Overview

The Purchase Order list displays all POs that have been added to the RTA software. This list can be viewed as a whole or viewable for only Open PO Lines to help with managing and making decisions on pending items. The ability to sort and customize columns as well as to export the master list are available.

Refer to Master List Functions TOC for instructions.

Refer to Creating a Purchase Order for instructions to create POs in RTA.

This article will cover the various columns that can appear on the PO Master List as well as actions that can be taken while viewing the list.

Searching the PO Master List

The search bar at the top of the master list will allow the user to search by specific datasets.

Search does not exclude fields and may have multiple results. For example, if a vendor is numbered as 1 and that is also the facility number for the PO the system will return results for POs assigned to Facility 1 as well as any POs for vendor 1.

To search do the following:

  1. Enter the data to search in the search bar

  2. The list will re-display with all the line items that contain a matching result

Note: With the main list toggled to the PO’s option the Search will search not only what you see in the screen but all the data within the Purchase Order as well.

With the Main List toggled to the Open PO Lines option the Search will only query against the limited data presented in the screen.

Refer to Customizing Lists for instructions on using filters.

Columns appearing on the PO Master List

There are a number of columns available for display on the PO Master List. These columns can be sorted and some even be filtered. The description of each is listed below. Users can use the “Column Chooser” option to remove or add columns. Refer to Customizing Master List Columns for instructions on doing so if needed.

 Expand to see the list of columns available

Column Title


PO Facility

Facility assigned for PO

PO Number

Unique number assigned to PO - Use your own or have RTA create the PO number based on system switch 31 in Parts Parameters on Classic


Extended PO number for use with Blanket POs

Vendor Facility

Facility number where the Vendor is assigned

Vendor Number

Unique identifying number for the vendor

Vendor Abbreviation

Abbreviation used for the vendor as indicated in the vendor file

Vendor Name

Name of the Vendor

PO Date

Date of PO creation in RTA System

Bid Number

Can be added as part of the PO info and is commonly used by City and County fleets to cross reference PO system numbers


Status of the PO

Bill To Facility

Facility selected for where the PO will be billed - Use of multiple facilities is determined by system switch 26 in Main Parameters on Classic and Facility is set up

Ship To Facility

Facility selected for where the items purchased on the PO will be shipped - Use of multiple facilities is determined by system switch 26 in Main Parameters on Classic and Facility is set up


Individual requestor/creator of the PO

F.O.B. Point

Freight On Board Location

Freight Total

Total Freight charges added to the PO

Invoice #

Last Invoice Number associated with the receipt of the PO items from the vendor

Order Total

Total Order Cost for the PO

Due Date

Due Date assigned to the PO


Description of the line item

Invoice Date

Date of last invoice received

PO Prefix

If using a PO Prefix, will display here - Controlled by system switch 17 in Parts Parameters on Classic

PO Suffix

If using a PO Suffix, will display here - Controlled by system switch 18 in Parts Parameters on Classic

PO Received Date

Date of final receipt of items

Received Total

Total cost of items received including parts, freight, and taxes


Requisition number associated with the PO if the PO was auto-created from a previously existing requisition - Requisitions are not available in Web yet


Displays the count version of an approved PO that has been changed. Displays if greater than zero.

PO Statuses

Status Title



PO is Open and either awaiting receipt of items, review for closure, or both


PO is open and has been approved and can be submitted to the vendor - If using PO Approval process

Pending Approval

PO is waiting for approval before submitting to vendor - If using PO Approval process

Denied Approval

PO has been denied and will not be able to be sent to vendor - If using PO Approval process


PO has been closed due to either receipt of all items ordered or closed by an individual

Searching Only Open PO Lines

Gives a way to see all Open Lines. This allows users to filter by vendor, sort through open lines, and potentially make decisions or see the status of certain lines that remain open.

Using this view on the master list is as easy as a click of the mouse. When viewing the list, click the toggle at the top to switch to the Open PO Lines view and the list will automatically adjust.

When wanting to go back to the full list view, simply change the toggle to PO’s and the list will adjust again.

Actions that can be performed on the PO Master List

There are multiple actions that can be taken from the Parts Master List at the click of a button. Below is a list of actions that can be performed from the list. Detailed instructions for each may be located elsewhere and a link to the appropriate article will be provided.