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RTA Web - Planned Work Maintenance

Planned work is work that needs to be done, but not immediately. For example, a fabric rip in a seat. The challenge with planned work is it is easily forgotten.

The web app displays any planned work for an asset when a work order is viewed and all planned work can be reviewed in the Planned Work Maintenance area of web.

Planned work can be reviewed and automatically sent to a work order with a few clicks making it easier than ever to manage planned jobs.

Before a job will appear in the Planned Work Maintenance area, it has to be set up as a planned job. Refer to Planned Jobs for more information on setting up a planned job through a work order or visit the section below to add a planned job via the master list.

Master List Overview

Access the “Planned Work Maintenance” section of the main menu under Work Orders in Maint. & Repair. This area will provide a list of all the planned work currently waiting to be completed.

Master List Column Descriptions

 Click here to expand the table for the master list column descriptions

Planned Work Column

Planned Work Column Description

Filter Available

Asset Number

The asset number for which the work should be performed



Job code associated with the work to be performed (this will be what is applied to the work order)



VMRS Code description which pulls from the VMRS file


Scheduled Hours

Time needed/scheduled for the completion of the work


Repair Type

Type of repair to be performed. Such as a repair, outside job, or check (this code, along with the asset size determines the estimated hours for the job.


Cause Code

The code dictates the cause for the particular job line


Days on List

How long the job has been on the planned job list


Actions that can be performed on the Asset Master List

There are multiple actions that can be taken from the Master List at the click of a button. Below is a list of actions that can be performed from the list. Detailed instructions for each may be located elsewhere and a link to the appropriate article will be provided.

Adding Planned Work via the Master List

  1. Click on the + sign from the master list view

  2. Enter in the fields stated below

    1. Vehicle = Asset number on which the work will be performed

    2. VMRS Code = The work order job code associated with the work to be performed

    3. Cause Code = The cause for the particular job line

    4. Repair Type = Type of repair to be performed

    5. Quantity = How many iterations of the job need to be performed on the asset

    6. Due By = Parameters for when the job is due

      1. Date = A specific due date

      2. Meter = A specific meter reading

      3. PM = In conjunction with a specifically chosen PM Schedule

    7. Notes = Enter any line notes associated with the planned work

    8. Attachments = Add any corresponding/necessary attachments for the job line

  3. Click Create

Actioning on Planned Work

Assigning Planned Work to a Work Order

Planned work can be automatically assigned to an existing or a new work order. This can be done for each planned job individually or a bulk assign can be performed.

Each planned work line will be assigned to a separate work order.

To assign to a work order, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the selection box next to each item to be sent to a work order or click on the select all box at the top to select all lines at once

  2. Click the Assign to WO drop down at the top of the list

  3. Select to either send to a new work order or to an existing work order where applicable

  4. The system will display a message letting you know the work order numbers used for the line items

Deleting Planned Work

If a planned work line needs to be deleted from the master list, select the line to be deleted using the chooser box and click the delete button at the top of the list.

This can be done in bulk for multiple lines at a time.