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Class Maintenance

Asset Class Table of Contents

Asset Class Master List Overview

Asset Class File Table of Contents

Asset Class File Primary Info Panel

Asset Class Custom Fields Tab

Asset Class Asset Spec Tab

Asset Class Replacement Tab

Asset Class Attachments Tab

Creating an Asset Class

Editing an Asset Class

Adding a Class to an Asset

Facility Maintenance

Facilities Table of Contents

Facilities Master List Overview

Facilities File Table of Contents

Facilities File Primary Info Panel

Facilities File General Tab

Facilities File Settings Tab

Facilities File Attachments Tab

Add a Facility

Edit Facilities

Renumber Facility

Archive or Disable Facility

Inspections Revamp

Inspection Template Master List Overview

Creating an Inspection Template

Assigning and Completing an Inspection

Part Kit Maintenance

Part Kits - Added ability to create and manage a part kit

Planned Work

Planned Work Maintenance

Vendor Maintenance

Vendor Table of Contents

Vendor Master List Overview

Vendor File Table of Contents

Vendor File Primary Info Panel

Vendor File General Tab

Vendor File Blanket PO Info Tab

Vendor File Attachments Tab

Add a Vendor

Edit a Vendor

Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims Table of Contents

Warranty Claims Master List Overview

Warranty Claims File Table of Contents

Warranty Claims File Primary Info Panel

Warranty Claims File Claim Data Tab

Warranty Claims File Attachments Tab

Warranty Claims File History Tab

Warranty Claims Processing Overview

Warranty Claims Pending Status

Warranty Claims Submitted Status

Warranty Claims Received Status

Warranty Claims Posted Status

Creating a Warranty Claim