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RTA Web - Facilities File Primary Info Panel

The primary information panel that is visible after selecting a facility in RTA Web lists all of the primary information for the facility. This article will focus on the fields contained within the primary panel.

Once a facility has been selected, the facility number will be listed at the top of the screen so that the user can always verify the correct facility is being reviewed and/or edited.

The primary facility panel will always be visible regardless of the tab you select in the facility file.

Refer to Facilities File TOC to access the full list of articles related to displayed facility data in RTA Web here.

Refer to Add Facility for instructions on adding a facility or Edit Facility for editing a facility

🔓 Denotes fields that are editable within RTA Web.

Primary Panel Field


Facility Number

Displays the assigned facility number attached to file in RTA

🔓 Facility Abbreviation

Displays the abbreviation to be used for the facility

🔓 Facility Name

Displays the Facility’s name

🔓 Profile Picture

Used to upload/display a primary profile picture for the facility

🔓 Home State

The state where the facility is physically located

🔓 Regions

The regions, if being used in RTA, that this facility is associated with.

Refer to Regions for information on how to set up regions in the Classic platform

🔓 Status

Displays the status of the facility (Active or Inactive)

🔓 Manage Facility Link

Use to disable, archive or renumber a facility