RTA Web - Enhancements to Reset Password Process 10.11.23

What’s Changed?

Enhancements to the sign in process for RTA have been put in place and these enhancements and are changes to be aware of.

  • RTA is now implementing the ability for users to update their own passwords by adding a Forgot Password link at sign in

  • Emails will now be a required field on the user profile for use with the forgot password link

Refer to Password Resets for further details about using the new forgot password link.

Refer to Creating New Users for detailed instructions on adding users to the Web Platform.

Refer to Editing Users for detailed instructions for admins needing to edit user profiles.

What Does This Mean for Users?

For all users, a forgot password link will now be available at sign in if needed. This link can only be used properly if a legitimate email is included in the user profile.

What Happens If No Email is on the User Profile?

Emails will be a required field for adding users going forward. For existing users without an email on the user profile, the forgot password link will not deliver the required email to update the password and those users will need to contact an internal system admin to update their password if they have forgotten it.

What If the User Does Not Have an Email that Can Be Used?

If a user does not have an email or doesn’t have one that would be accessible during the workday, then a decision will need to be made. For new users, an email will be required to add the user. For existing users, the email will be required if use of the forgot password link is desired.

For both situations, if there is a company email that can be set up for them to use or an email distro that could be accessed securely, that could be entered and used.

If there is no valid email that can be entered into the user profile then the following will be true:

  1. Existing users will not be able to use the forgot password link and will need to contact their internal system admin to reset their password and then they can update it afterwards to something new

  2. Since new users can’t be added without an email, a fake/generic email such as noreply@noreply.com can be entered to enable the completion of adding the user. The new user will not be able to successfully use the forgot password link and would need an internal system admin to update their password if it’s ever forgotten.