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RTA Web - Password Resets

Times arise where a password needs to be reset. An Admin of the software can change a password for a user or the user can change their password on their own.

Users have the ability to change their password to a new password once logged into the system for safety precautions and request a new password if the a password has been forgotten.

A user can use the Forgot Password link at sign in to reset a forgotten password IF they have an email on the user profile in the web platform. If no email exists, an admin would need to update the user’s password and add an email address for that link to work.

Updating Existing Password

Use this method when wanting to update a password while logged into the system.

  1. Click on the name displayed in the top left corner of the page

  2. For Current Password, type in current password

  3. For New Password, type in the new password

  4. For Confirm Password, re-type the new password

  5. Select Save

Forgotten Password

Use this method when the log in password has been forgotten.

  1. From the login area, click the Forgot Password link option

  2. Enter the assigned username

  3. An email will be delivered to the email associated with the user’s profile - email comes from

    1. The email is good for up to 24 hours - after that, a new one will need to be requested

    2. If no email is listed on the user profile in the web platform, the email cannot be delivered and the user will need to have an internal system admin update their password and add their email to their profile for future use

    3. If the user does not have an email to be included, an admin will need to update their password and then the user can log in and follow the steps in the Updating Existing Password area of this document.

  4. Click the Update Password option from the email

  5. The user will be redirected to enter a new password

  6. Enter a new password; ensuring that the password requirements are met

  7. Enter the new password a second time to confirm

For Admins needing to know how to update a users password, refer to Deleting and Editing Users