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RTA Web - Purchase Order Info Tab

This tab will store the PO info and Vendor Info buttons information, providing a quick way to look up auxiliary information about the PO.

The Info Tab contains 4 additional panels to the primary panels. This article will explain each of the four panels including the fields included in each.

Denotes an editable field

Master Notes

  • 🔓 Master Notes – Displays any master notes pertaining to the purchase order

PO Info Panel

 Expand this section to see the itemized fields of the PO Info Panel
  • 🔓 PO For - The description of what the PO is for

  • 🔓 Commodity - Displays commodities associated with the PO

  • 🔓 Buyer - User that created the PO

    1. Set System Switch #6 in Parts Parameters in Desktop to have RTA automatically input the RTA User ID into the PO Buyer field

  • 🔓 Bid# - Displays an applicable bid number associated with the PO

  • 🔓 Grant# - Displays an applicable grant number associated with the PO

  • 🔓 Requisition# - Displays the corresponding requisition number if applicable (RTA will auto populate this number if the PO was generated from an existing requisition) Requisitions are not currently available in RTA Web

  • 🔓 Work Order# - Displays a corresponding WO number associated with the part order so that it can be received directly to the job line when received

  • 🔓 PO Prefix - Displays a desired PO Prefix (A standard default can be used by setting using system switch 17 in Parts Parameters

  • 🔓 PO Suffix - Displays a desired PO Suffix (A standard default can be used by setting using system switch 18 in Parts Parameters

  • 🔓 F.O.B. Point - Displays the Freight On Board location (This will pull in automatically if entered in the vendor file)

  • 🔓 Due Date - Displays the due date for the PO

  • Received Date - Date the last receive action was taken on the PO

  • Invoice Date - Date the last invoice number was entered into the PO

  • 🔓 Created Date - Date the PO was created

Order Info Panel

 Expand to see the descriptions of each of the Order Info boxes

On Order

The On Order section displays the itemized and total cost associated with the on order items. This includes:

  • Total cost of the parts on order

  • Total cost for freight charges that have been entered

  • Total cost of the taxes if items are marked as taxable

  • The grand total of all of the items on order


The Received section will display the itemized and total cost associated with the items received from the order. This includes:

  • Total parts cost for the parts received from this order

  • Total freight cost for the parts received from this order and entered

  • Total taxes charged for the items from this order

  • The grand total of all of those received item charges

Vendor Info Panel

The Vendor Info panel pulls information directly from the vendor file in RTA and is informational only.

Refer to Vendor Tab and Vendor Set Up for more information on Vendors in RTA.