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RTA Web - Purchase Order Blanket PO Info Tab

The Blanket PO Info Tab is a read-only panel displaying specific blanket items. If there is no blanket PO for the specific PO accessed, it will display as “No Data.”

Refer to Blanket Purchase Orders for information on how to set these up for use.

When blanket info is present, the following fields will be visible:

  • Blanket PO# - The Blanket PO number

  • PO Budget - The total amount budgeted for the blanket PO for the vendor

  • PO Budget Used - The total amount of the budgeting amount that has been used to date

  • %PO Budget Used - Percentage of the budget that has been used to date

  • Running Balance - Displays the total running balance/outstanding balance which includes amounts currently on open POs

  • Status - Status of the Blanket

  • Current Ext. # - Current Blanket PO extension number

  • Oldest Open PO ext - Displays the PO extension number for the oldest open PO

  • Blanket PO Expiration - Displays the expiration date for the blanket PO

  • Prior PO Blanket # - Displays the PO number for the prior blanket PO