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RTA Web - Receiving Notifications

Notifications will come in through email, text message or push notification according to how they were set up in the contact. See Notification Set Up here

Email notifications

  1. Emails are generated from

Email notifications repeat every 24 hours until the required service is completed

Email notifications will have an unsubscribe option inbedded in the message. If you or a contact unsubscribes, it will remove them from all notifications and the only way to fix notifications is to contact tech support. If a you or a contact no longer wants or needs notifications, revisit your contact page and uncheck the boxes of notifications you no longer wish to receive.

Text Notifications

  1. Text notifications will go to the phone number listed on your contact form.


Push Notifications

  1. Push notifications will show in the Bell icon on Web and the Mobile App

Push notification web.png
  1. Click on the bell to expand the notification center and see the details of the notification

Notification center.png
  1. Push notifications also come through the RTA Mobile App

Mobile bell.jpg
  1. Click the bell to expand the notification center

Mobile notification center.jpg
  1. If you are logged into RTA Web when a notification comes in, you may see the notification pop up in your web browser notification center

Chrome notification.png