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RTA Web - Getting Started with Motor Pool

Motor Pool is designed for fleets that lease or rent vehicles and works with your existing vehicle and customer files in the RTA system. Motor Pool is a very flexible program and can accommodate the needs of many different types of motor pool fleets, yet it remains comprehensive and user-friendly.

There are a few elements to ensure are completed before using Motor Pool in your RTA Software.

  1. Ensure Departments are set up for use with reservations. A department will need to be entered for each renter and driver during the reservation process. For more information regarding departments, refer to RTA Web - Departments

  2. Establish any additional Reservation Statuses to be used with reservations are entered. Refer to Reservation Status Setup.

  3. Create and set up reservation categories and rates for proper charging and billing. Refer to Reservation Rates.

  4. Set up Motor Pool Assets to be used for reservations. To add assets to RTA, refer to Adding Assets to RTA and then ensure they are assigned to motor pool by visiting Motor Pool Assets.