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RTA Web - Creating New Users Individually

Setting up new users for RTA Web takes only a few steps to complete.

Before attempting to add users, be sure there are available licenses and that the proper user group(s) are decided upon.

Refer to Deleting and Editing Users if you already have users created and just need to edit or delete them.

Identifying Available Licenses

Prior to adding users, be sure that licenses are available for use. If not, contact your sales rep or reach out to our support team if your sales rep is not known to you at 1-800-279-0549.

Refer to System Admin and Licensing for information on locating and determining licenses available for use.

Before requesting more licenses, be sure that any users no longer needed have been removed. Refer to Deleting and Editing Users for information on removing users.

Reviewing User Groups

RTA Software comes pre-loaded with 12 pre-determined user groups which dictate access and use of the various areas of the software. Custom user groups can be created to meet additional needs or create hybrid roles.

Refer to User Groups for more information on accessing the user groups for review and creating custom groups.

Users can be added in full individually by an admin or user invites can be used to facilitate a bulk user creation process. Refer to … for instructions on using the user invite process

Adding a User

  1. From the main menu, select User from the Admin drop down

Click the + icon to add a user

  1. Enter the User’s first name (Required)

  2. Enter the User’s last name (Required)

  3. Enter the User’s email (Required)

    1. The email is used by RTA when the user forgets their password and clicks the Forgot Password link at sign on

    2. If the user does not have an email that can be entered in this field, simply put in a generic email to allow the continuation of adding the user

    3. Without an email, if a user forgets their password, they will have to contact an internal system admin to change their password. Refer to Editing Users for instructions on admins updating passwords

  4. Enter the desired User ID and hit tab

  5. If the User will also be using RTA Classic, then it is best if this matches the User ID that will also be added to the Classic Version and needs to be kept to 10 or less characters

    1. Refer to RTA Classic User for the video information showing how to add the user in Classic as well.

  6. The suffix will automatically be included in the User ID for sign on purposes

  7. If the message “User ID already exists” displays in red, this means that the specific User ID is already in use across the RTA Server and a new one will need to be chosen

  8. Enter the User’s Password - ensuring that the password policy is adhered to

  9. Confirm the User’s Password

  10. Select the appropriate user license

  1. Click Create

  2. Next step is assigning the correct user group

    1. Choose Company Wide if access or user groups will be granted across the entire company at all facilities

    2. If using multiple facilities, a row defining access for each facility can be included if access will change by facility

    3. If using multiple facilities and the access rights need to be different for each one, select the facility being described for each row

  1. Once the appropriate user group and facility is selected “click” next

  2. This last step is the employee file and is optional and is to be used for technicians using the paperless shop module, click on “skip” if this is not needed

  1. Add the facility the employee is assigned to

  2. Assign the user an ID number

  3. Assign an abbreviation, usually this is the employees initials

  4. Name is prefilled from step one

  5. Department is an optional field for companies internal use

  6. Type is optional

  7. Class is also optional

  8. Assign a Pin# if this employee will be approving purchase orders

Once the above has been completed, continue to sync and set up the user by visiting the file tabs and completing the information. At minimum, the steps for the Groups tab must be completed for the user to be able to function within the system

General Tab

The General Tab houses all the contact information for the user/employee. Two panels exist. One for employee personal contact information and the other for an emergency contact.

To add information to these panels,

  1. Click in the field to edit

  2. Type in the appropriate information

  3. Click the check mark for each field to save the individual entry

Facility, Certifications, and Custom Fields Tab

These tabs exist as part of the employee file. Refer to Employee Maintenance for more information on these tabs.

Attachments Tab

Add documents or pictures as with any other attachments area in RTA. Refer to Attachments for more information.

Using the User ID and password put into the system, the user should now log in to to access the system.