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RTA Web - Attachments

The attachments tab allows you to upload pictures and documents associated with the file. Items that might be considered are pictures of the asset/part, purchase or warranty agreement documents for the asset/part, etc.

Adding Attachments

There are two methods available for adding attachments.

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Drag and Drop

Drag and drop allows the user to click and drag a file type saved on their computer directly into the attachments area.

Browse Files

  1. Click Browse Files

  2. Select a file from your computer

  3. Double click on the file

  4. It will be added to the attachments automatically

Viewing Attachments

  1. Click on the attachment thumbnail to view larger image

    1. Picture files (jpeg, png, etc) will display as a larger image

    2. Document files (Excel, Word, PDF, etc) will display a screen asking you to download to open

Make Profile Pic

  • Hover over the menu option bubble of an attachment select “Make Profile Pic” to set that attachment as the avatar or profile picture for the asset file that will be displayed in the primary asset information panel

    • If that attachment is deleted from the file, the profile pic will also delete on the primary asset panel

Downloading Attachments

  • Hover over the menu option bubble of an attachment select “Download File”

Removing Attachments

  1. Hover over the menu option bubble in the top right of the attachment

  2. Select Delete

Editing Attachments

Users have the ability to edit the name of the attachment. It doesn’t need to be unique and is useful for quickly identifying an attachment. This will be used to give a new name to the image, but will not rename the original file in any way.

  1. Access the attachment

  2. Click on or hover over the elipse icon

  3. Select Edit

  4. Enter the new image title

  5. Click Save