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RTA Web - Warranty Claims Processing Overview

Warranty claims assist in monitoring what happens after the system notifies you that a part is still covered by warranty. You can track when the part was returned to the vendor, when the vendor issued you a credit or reimbursement check, and post the credit back to the vehicle.

To enable automatic warranty claims creation, use switch# 41 of the Main System Parameters in the Classic version. Select Yes as the first option to ensure that claims are created for you when one needs to be and eliminate the manual work of creating them individually.

When the system determines that an item is covered under warranty, a claim record will be automatically created for you. If the item being replaced is a warrantable item, but the system doesn't have sufficient information to determine if it's still covered under warranty or not, the action performed will be determined by the second setting in switch 41. You may configure it to create a claim anyway (Create), not create a claim (Ignore), or prompt the user to decide if a claim should be created (Prompt).

Once a warranty claim has been created, there are three steps to completely processing that claim.

  1. Submitting the Claim: Documentation can now be sent to the vendor with the item. The warranty claims section in RTA will assist with the needed information for filing the claim with the vendor whether you do that electronically, via a specific form required by the vendor, or by making a phone call.

  2. Receive the Claim Settlement: When you receive a credit or reimbursement check from the vendor, you will bring up the claim record and process the reimbursement.

  3. Post the claim: The final step of the claim process is to post the credit amount to the work order.

The claim process may take weeks or even months. The warranty claims screen will help you monitor the current status of each outstanding claim and displays aging information for each claim.

Refer to the below articles for more information regarding the various processing statuses

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