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RTA Web - Creating a Warranty Claim

Warranty Claims can be created in two ways. The system can be set up to automatically create the claim when a warrantied item or job is identified in the system or each claim can be created manually by a user.

RTA recommends allowing the system to auto-create them to save precious time and only use the manual creation process when absolutely necessary.

This document will focus on the manual creation of warranty claims. For information regarding the automatic creation and the processes involved after a claim exists, refer to Warranty Claims Processing.

To create a claim manually, follow the below steps:

Refer to Warranty Claims File TOC for detailed information about each field in the claims file

  1. Access the Warranty Claims Master List via the vendor menu option

  2. Click the + icon in the upper right corner

  3. Fill out the information in the Primary Info Panels

    1. Vendor Claim ID/RMA#

    2. Claim Amount

    3. Vendor

    4. Any claim notes to be included in the file

  4. Navigate to the Claim Data Tab below the notes and work through Claim Data Panel

    1. Purchase Order #

    2. Line #

    3. Asset

    4. Part #

    5. Original WO#

    6. Line#

    7. Install Meter

    8. Part VMRS

    9. Current WO#

    10. Line #

    11. Replace Meter

    12. Click Create