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RTA Web Parts - Deleting a Part

Use extreme caution when deleting parts!

Do not delete parts until you're absolutely sure the records are no longer needed. This option deletes part records and warranty data but part transactions for work orders, purchase orders, adjustments, and so on remain on file until purged from the system.
Parts can be deleted individually through the part record in RTA Web or by part number range through the delete parts program in RTA Classic.

Deleting a Part Through the Part Record

This option is recommended when deleting one or a few parts; the part record is displayed on-screen, enabling you to review and verify that the correct part is being deleted.

This action can be taken through RTA Web. (This option is not available to all user groups)

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  1. Click on the Parts Menu option under Maint & Repair

  2. Search for or locate the part to be deleted

  3. Click on the line item for the part

  4. Click on “Manage Part” from the primary panel

  5. Click Delete

  6. Confirm deletion

Deleting a Part Using the Delete Part Program

This option is handy when deleting numerous parts from the system because it quickly allows a range of parts to be deleted. The nice thing about this feature is that you can specify a wide range of parts to delete (by the primary part number) but because you're prompted to delete each part in the specified range, you can skip parts you don't want to delete.

Just be careful when using this option because you could end up deleting more parts than intended if you're not paying attention.

This action can be taken through RTA Classic only. Refer to Delete Part Program

Recovering Part Deleted in Error

This option is handy if a part has been deleted in error or needs to be reinstituted. The steps for recovery are to add the part again using the rules below.

  1. Add the part using the same part number as before

  2. Rebuild the vendors, price, and on hand quantity in the part file

Once the part is added again, it will re-link usage and purchases. The parts adjustment report from RTA Classic will provide details of the delete including the on-hand quantity and price at the time of deletion to help rebuild the details of the part itself.

  • Locating the Parts Adjustment Report Steps:

    1. Pull up RTA Classic and log in

    2. Click Reports

    3. Click on Parts/POs

    4. Click on Print Parts Adjustments

    5. Add/Edit any filter options

    6. Click OK