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RTA Web - Manual Inventory Count Adjustments

There are times when part inventory levels need to be adjusted. This may be due to a miscount, a manual PO that didn't get processed, loss and/or theft, or the most common reason-physical inventory. Inventory adjustments can be done directly in the part record.

RTA recommends using this function sparingly as inventory adjustments should be done automatically through parts posting to Work Orders and parts received through Purchase Orders. If a count is off, it is recommended that a thorough review of postings be done to identify where the error occurred and fix the posting rather than doing a manual adjustment.

To adjust the on hand quantity of a part, follow the below process:

  1. Access the part file through the parts master list

  2. Click on the Inventory Tab

  3. Navigate to the Stocking Panel

  4. Click on the Adjust Bin Quantities link in the Stocking Panel

  5. Adjust the total on hand as necessary in each bin location

  6. The system will display the relevant count change

  7. Click Next

  8. Enter a reason for the adjustment

    1. This is a free form field

  9. Click Save

  10. The stocking panel should now display the edited on hand quantities