RTA Web - Installing Citizen Label Printer

Initial System/Hardware Requirements:

  • Citizen CL-S700 or CL-S621 (Can be purchased from us)

  • Printer must be on the Network. (Network card)

  • Windows Only Computers

Install Printer on the network

Note: You may need to consult your I.T. Department to assist with Install. 

Installing Print Drivers:

  1. Navigate to https://www.seagullscientific.com/support/downloads/drivers/citizen

  2. Download the printer driver and run the installation 

  3. Accept terms 

  4. Hit next on directory screen 

  5. Uncheck installation instructions and hit finish 

  6. Say yes to the make changes prompt 

  7. Keep it on install printer drivers and hit next 

  8. Select network and hit next 

  9. Find Citizen CL-S700II and next 

  10. Create port 

  11. Standard TCP/IP Port 

  12. Hit New Port

  13. Click Next

  14. Enter in the Printer IP into the IP Address field (See the IP Address on front Printer Menu Screen)

  15. Hit Next

Note: The Citizen Printer must have an internal network card installed in order to be used as a Network Printer. You can contact RTA for inquiries on the Citizen Network Cards.

  1. Hit Finish

  2. Select port you created and hit next

  3. Leave printer name alone and hit next 

  4. Hit finish 


  • Can close out of printer settings if there is any up 

Installing RTA Barcodes and Printer Service

Next to install the Barcodes and Printer Service refer to: RTA Web - Installing Barcodes and Printer Service.

RTA Web Application Printer Setup Instructions: 

For Printer Settings and setup in the RTA Web Application see the section on RTA Web - Facility Printers Tab.