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RTA Web - Searching a Master List

Master lists in RTA Web have a search field for users to pin point specific data needed.

This article will focus on how to search data in Master Files

  1. Click a module from the RTA Web Menu on the left

  2. When a search field displays the option to search will be available

  3. The full list of data will display

  4. Use the search bar to find specific data

    1. Search by any corresponding fields included in the file

Search does not exclude fields and may have multiple results. For example, if a vehicle is numbered as 1234 and that sequence also appears in a license number on another vehicle, the system will return both results

5. Press Enter after desired search criteria is entered

6. The system will display matching search results

7. Click the “x” in the search bar to go back to the main list

8. Open the desired file by clicking on the line item