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RTA Web - Printing Work Orders

A PDF version of the Work Order Invoice can be printed directly from the work order in RTA Web. Your company logo can even be included. Refer to Company Logo for instructions on how to add your logo.

Click Create PDF from the top of the screen.

A PDF Invoice version of the work order listing all the necessary information and postings.

From here, it can be printed, copied, downloaded, or emailed.

  • Copy Link: Allows the user to copy the web address to the clipboard. The link can be shared by pasting it into any document. Anyone with the link will be directed to this WO Preview screen and able to view the invoice detail.

  • Download: Downloads the previewed document to a local station.

  • Attach to Email: Creates an email file containing a link to the page. This fill will open in the users local email reader where it can be sent to a recipient.

  • Print: Connects to local network printer setup.