RTA Web - Parts Request Through Work Orders

Technicians may send requests to your parts person for parts needed on a job. The parts person will then have a queue to manage these requests, for details refer to Managing Parts Requests Once the parts personnel post the requested parts to the WO the technician will need to perform the receive action in the request area of the Work Order.

Technicians that have an email included in their user profile will receive an email when the part is ready for delivery or posting.

Requesting Parts Through a Work Order

Parts can be requested once you are in the desired WO and have added the job line(s), there is a Request button at the top right of the screen (Image A) you also have the ability to request a part at line level in the WO (Image B).

Image A

Request button A.png

Image B

Screenshot 2024-03-25 090950.png
  1. Once you have clicked on the Request button, the Request Part window will populate, and you can simply click on (plus) Add Request.

    Add Request.png
  2. Click on the drop-down menu to select a Job Line

    1. Part Field is required

      1. If using to order a non-file part, either enter the part number if known for the vendor or add the name of the part. You can also enter something like SPCL ORDR (Consult your fleet’s internal process preference for this)

      2. If using for a file part, enter the part number

        1. the master part number as well as an ALT part number can be entered to find the part needed

    2. Description is required

      1. If using to order a non-file part, enter the description of the part

      2. If using for a file part, the description should pre-fill after the file part number is entered

    3. Enter the quantity of the requested part needed (If using for a file part - the current on hand quantity will display)

    4. Employee should fill with the employee name who is making the request if not already defaulted in

    5. Click Done to Save


  3. Your request will now be flagged as pending.

    Pending Request.png

You can add multiple requests if necessary

Receiving a Parts Request

  1. Once the part(s) have been marked as out for delivery from the parts requests area. You may return to the job line and click the Parts button again to mark it, as Received.

Received Part.png

2. As soon as you click Receive the system will update your part request and mark it as Closed.

Part Request Closed.png

Cancelling a Parts Request

If your parts request has not been marked as received, you can cancel it by simply clicking the trash can icon to the far right of the request part window.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 110921.png