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RTA Web - PMs Due List

Ensuring that all your fleet assets are being checked on in a timely manner is critical for any successful fleet. Setting up your preventive maintenance schedules is one step towards that success.

Being able to quickly identify and set up work orders for those that are due is the next step.

Refer to PM Schedules for instructions on setting up PMs for your assets in RTA Web.

RTA Web is making it easier than ever to manager fleet PM Schedules!

Reviewing the PM Due List

To review the list, open the Maint. & Repair section of the RTA Web Menu and click on PMs Due.

The Master List will populate with the PMs that are due soon, due now, or past due.

Users have the ability to search the master list, customize columns, and export the list. Refer to Master List TOC for instructions on how to utilize these features.

The columns found on the PM Due Master List are as follows and subject to the column chooser selections made by the user.

  • Facility - Sort or filter by facility number

  • Asset - Sort or filter by asset number - clicking on the asset number will open the asset file

  • PM Code - Sort or filter by PM Code assigned to the asset for the specific job

  • VMRS - Sort by VMRS code associated with the PM

  • Description - Sort or filter by the PM Code description

  • Status - Sort or filter by the PM Code status for the asset

    • Statuses are due soon, due, and past due

    • The status will take into account the PM Tolerance and if the PM falls within the tolerance range, it should be considered due

  • Due Meter - Sort and view by the primary meter associated with the PM

  • Units Due - Sort and view by the meter units due for the PM

    • This is a two-fold column. The first value will be what the unit of measure is (days, miles, units, tons, etc). The second value will be how far away the current meter is from the due meter

  • Tolerance - Sort and view by the tolerance thresholds set for the PM

  • Current - Sort and view the current meter reading for the asset

  • Assign to WO - Sort and filter by status of work order assignment (is this PM assigned to a WO or not)

  • Work Order - Sort and view work order number if the job is currently open and assigned to a WO (click the WO number will take the user to the current WO)

  • Work Order Template - Sort and view by work order template number if one is assigned to the PM job

  • Customer - Sort and view the customer associated with the asset

  • Department - Sort and view the department associated with the asset

  • Operator - Sort and view by the name of the operator assigned to the vehicle if included in the vehicle file

  • Operator Phone - Sort and view the phone number associated with the assigned operator if included in the vehicle file

  • Operator Email - Sort and view the email address associated with the assigned operator if included in the vehicle file

Taking action on the PM Due List

Viewing the PMs due in Web is a great feature. Being able to create a work order for those due PMs singularly or in bulk is a gamechanger.

To send a PM appearing on the list to a work order, follow the below process.

  • Click the selection box at the start of the line for any PM that needs to be assigned to a work order. (only PMs not currently assigned to a Work Order may be selected)

  • Click the Create WO button in the top right of the screen

  • The message that a work order has been created will display at the top of the screen and a WO number will now appear in the appropriate column along with the “yes” designation in the Assign to WO column. You may need to refresh

  • Once the PM job is officially completed and closed on the WO, it will remove itself from the list

It may help to apply the Assign to WO filter and only look for those that have a no prior to trying to assign.