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RTA Web - Repair Codes

These codes define the type of Work Order Repair that will be conducted, it also helps to determine the estimated hours to complete the job. You can add up to 99 repair codes. When a Work Order line is created, the repair type can be added in the detail section. If the repair type is edited, the estimated time can change. For example, checking a Battery will likely be faster than replacing one. Repair type can also be used to identify jobs that have been created due to a PM or Pre-trip inspection under the type: PMRPR (PM Repair). This tells the user that the work was found as a preventative measure vs. reactive. You caught an issue before it became an issue.

Adding new repair codes

From the main menu, select Maint. & Repair> Settings> Repair

  1. Select the (plus) NEWCODE Box.

Repair Code 1.png

  1. Add a code number, a description and an abbreviation. You also have the option to check the disabled box.

Repair Code 2.png

3. Click save and the new repair code should display in your codes list.

Repair Code 3.png

Editing a repair code

  1. Select the repair code you wish to edit by clicking on it from the list.

  2. Click in the code #, description and abbreviation box, and you will be allowed to enter the new information.

  3. Click the check mark to confirm.

Deleting a repair code

  1. Click on the trashcan next to the code you wish to delete.

  2. Click delete when the confirmation box pops up.

There are various repair codes that may not be deleted. These codes do not display a trashcan next to them.