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RTA Web - Indirect Job Codes

Indirect Labor codes are used with the Paperless Shop module of RTA. These codes are identified by a 2-digit code, description and up to 2 abbreviations. Indirect Labor Codes define the work a mechanic is doing when not performing labor on a work order. These codes can be used to properly track mechanic accountability against downtime. You can add up to 10 indirect labor codes.

Adding a new indirect jobs code

From the main menu, select Maint. & Repair> Settings> Indirect Jobs

  1. Select the (plus) NEWCODE Box.

Indirect Jobs 1.png

  1. Add the indirect code # that is available and a description.

Indirect Jobs 2.png

3. Click Save and the new indirect code should now display in your code list.

Indirect Jobs 3.png

Editing an indirect jobs code

  1. Select the indirect jobs code you wish to edit by clicking on it from the list.

  2. Click in the code and description box, and you will be allowed to enter the new information.

  3. Click the check mark to confirm.

Deleting an indirect jobs code

  1. Click on the trashcan next to the code you wish to delete.

  2. Click delete when the confirmation box pops up.