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RTA Web - Flat Rates

Flat rates are a great way to create consistant billing for jobs across all of your customers.

  1. To set up a Flat Rate, navigate to the settings tab under Maintenance and Reapir in the left side menu panel

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  1. Select Flat Rates from the list:

Flat rates tab.png
  1. Click the create button in the top right

Create Flate rate.png
  1. Select the Customer/ Customers you want to set the Flat Rate for and click next at the bottom



  1. Add the VMRS code for the job you want to bill as a Flat Rate

  2. Choose if you want to apply a flat rate to parts and labor, or just labor.

  3. Input the cost you want to charge out for part and/ or labor

  4. Click ADD when done

  1. You can view all of the Flat Rates set up in the Flat Rate search screen

  1. You can edit them at any time by clicking on the flat rate and adjusting the cost you want to charge