Mechanic Productivity by Date

Previously, and within the Desktop version of RTA, the report “Mechanic Productivity” exists (REP, RER and REO) as bucket/period-based reports. Now on RTA Web, the Mechanic Productivity by Date allows a user to track mechanic productivity levels by a specified date range, outside of those cost buckets.

Tracking productivity is simply dividing the mechanic’s Scheduled labor hours by the Actual hours worked. This report will run that data with the date-range options and mechanic number range available.

Getting to this report is simple. Open RTA Web and Select Reports > RTA Standard Reports > Employee > Mechanic Productivity by Date

Click the “Play” button to open the options and set your parameters.

The first option that prompts will be: Enter “T” for Totals Only. Choose if you want totals, or leave blank for details with totals. Okay

Use the right-side of the parameters screen to set your options. Include Facility number, date range and mechanic range. The facility number is required, but the date and mechanic ranges will default to first-to-last. When ready, click Okay to view the report.

When the report runs, you will see either a detail list or totals list of mechanic productivity. These labor transactions currently pull based on Work Order Closed date. So if a work order is still open, even if it has labor posted to it, the productivity will not be tracked on this report.