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Welcome to RTA Feedback, our official discussion site for RTA Fleet Management Software. You’ll find topics on features, bugs, hosting, development, and general support here.

Click the “Make a Difference” link in the tile to access the feedback portal located at Feedback Portal.

Users can read through the updates and bugs currently being reviewed. In addition, users can log in to submit a new topic.

Sign Up for Feedback Portal

Prior to logging in, a user must sign up for the site. Use the below process to sign up.

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  1. Click Sign Up in top right

  2. Enter the requested information

  3. Click Create Your Account

  4. Wait for the activation email

  5. Use the link in the activation email to finalize activation

Log In to Feedback Portal

Users can use the Feedback Portal Tile or use Feedback Portal link to access the Feedback Portal. Bugs and updates can be viewed without logging in. Submitting a new topic will require the user to log in.

  1. Click Log In in the upper right

  2. Enter username and password

  3. Click Log in

Submitting a Topic

To submit feedback or a new topic, users can log in and then follow the below process.

  1. Click + New Topic

  2. Enter requested information

  3. Click Create Topic

Tracking Topics

Users can also follow and track various topics that are of interest. Tracking is done by topic tags.

A user can either search for a specific tag under a particular category and set a tracking option for that tag

or users can click on a topic item, and set notifications from there.

Clicking the bell icon displays the following notification preferences: