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RTA Web - Dashboard - Maintenance and Repair

This dashboard focuses on maintenance and repair and can be filtered by Work Order Reason Code, Priority Description or VMRS Description.

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Maintenance and Repair

Total Open Work Orders

Total Open Work Order Lines

Work Orders Ready for Review

Work orders in “Ready for Review” Status

Work Orders Waiting for Parts

Work Orders in “Waiting for Parts” Status

Work Orders Waiting for Bays

Work Orders in “Waiting for Bays” Status

Year to Date Comeback Rate

Parts Order Fill Rate: Year to Date

Caclulated in days

Average Days Passed per Deferred Job

Deferred or Planned Work

Average Work Order Length: Year to Date

Calculated in hours

Average Work Order Length: Line Graph

Year Over Year Calculated in Hours

Work Orders Open Less than 24 Hours

Work Orders Open Greater than 24 hours but Less than 48 Hours

Work Orders Open Greater than 48 Hours

Direct Versus Indirect Hours

Direct Versus Indirect Hours: Year to Date

Drill Down Technician Efficiency Rate: Year Over Year

Efficiency is Calculated by Time Assigned Versus Actual Time to Complete a Job

Technician Efficiency Rate: Year to Date

Cause of Work Orders

Pulled From Work Order Cause Codes

Cause of Work Orders: Year to Date

Pulled From Work Order Cause Codes

Job Repair Type

Repair Type Coding on Work Order Job Lines

Drill Down Technician Comeback Rate: Year to Date

Repair Type must be coded as a Comeback

Scheduled Versus Unscheduled Jobs

Total History

Based on Work Order Reason Coding

Scheduled Versus Unscheduled Jobs: Year to Date

Based on Work Order Reason Coding

Total M&R Cost by VMRS

Total Cost by VMRS Code