Deferring a Job

Sometimes all the jobs on a work order cannot be completed. Perhaps the vehicle needs to go out immediately or maybe a specific part needed for the job will take some time to get in. Whatever the reason, as long as the job hasn't been started (line status = UNSHD), it can be deferred until a later date. This allows the work order to be closed if all other jobs are done rather than remaining open for an uncertain length of time, possibly causing billing or accounting delays.
Deferred jobs are removed from the current work order and placed in a deferred work file. The next time a work order line is added for this vehicle, the system brings up a list of deferred jobs to remind you there is pending work for this vehicle. You'll have the option of adding the deferred job(s) to the new work order or leaving them in the deferred work file.
To defer a job, do the following:

  1. Select WOs > WOs from the RTA main menu (WW).
  2. Enter a work order number or press F1 to select a work order from the lookup list.
  3. Enter the meter reading, posting date, posting period as prompted.
  4. Highlight the work order line to defer and then select Edit > Defer Line from the menu or click on the Defer WO Line icon in the toolbar.
  5. Choose Yes to confirm the deferral.