Recording the washes through the Tricoder

Turn the Tricoder on. When prompted for "Data Collection", press the <Enter/Yes> key.
Select the program "UNIT-WASH", you will then be asked if this is the correct program. Press the <Enter/Yes> key.

The Tricoder program will begin and you will be prompted for:
ENTER UNIT NUMBER: Type or scan the unit number.
ENTER METER READING: Type the meter reading of the unit. You can also press the <Enter/Yes> key to by-pass the meter reading, and the program will default to the vehicles current meter reading in the system.
WASH NUMBER – 1 OR 2: Enter either 1 or 2. This will tell the System which wash cost to charge to the unit. 1=Wash rate# 1 and 2=Wash rate# 2 in the Class Code screen (see Cost Setup, above)
**Note: The Tricoder will remember the last wash number you've entered, so you will not need to type the same number over again for the next transaction. If the wash number changes, clear the field (By pressing the <Clear> key or the <Delete> key on the Tricoder) and change the number.

The Tricoder Program will then repeat itself, prompting you for the next vehicle number.
The Tricoder can be turned off at any time and when turned back on, will pick up where you last left off.