Closed Fuel Transaction Report (FFLC)

An audit trail of all wash transactions will be posted to the Closed Fuel Transaction file.
The transaction report will show the:
Date/Time: Date/Time the transaction was entered in the Tricoder.
Vehicle: Unit Number.
Odometer: This report will display the vehicle's fuel meter at the time of the download, it does not display the meter reading entered into the Tricoder (This information can be acquired with a third party report writer, via the Vehicle Fueling History database table using the field FH-ALT-ODOM).
Charge#: TCVHWASH will be written in this field to identify these as Tricoder Vehicle Wash Transactions.
Part: Quantity of "1" will be written to this field for each wash.
PCOST $: Cost of the wash, pulled from the Class Code.
The Grand Totals at the bottom of the report will give you the total quantity and total cost of the washes.