Copy a User-Definable Field

The vehicle record contains 20 user-definable fields. The label descriptions and values in these 20 fields can be customized to meet your needs. The user-definable fields are located in the User-Definable Info sub-window in the vehicle record (MVM). This utility program copies a user-definable description and value to a new line. This is handy when you need to reorganize the user-definable fields. Use this utility to copy/move an existing field to a new field. Afterwards, the Set or Change a User-Definable Field utility (as described previously) can be used to redefine the original field.

Running the Utility

  1. Select System > Custom Utilities > Vehicle > Copy Description from the RTA main menu (SCVC).
  2. Read the message displayed and then choose Yes to continue.
  3. Enter a facility number or press F1 to select a facility from the lookup list.
  4. Enter the starting and ending vehicle numbers to process or press F1 to make the selection from the lookup list.
  5. Enter the line number of the field to copy. The fields in column 1 are numbered 1 – 10; the fields in column 2 are numbered 11 – 20.
  6. Enter the new line number (where the original field will be copied). Any existing description and value in the field indicated will be overwritten.