Vehicle Inventory

The Vehicle Inventory module is a key part of the RTA Fleet Management Software because it contains data about each vehicle in the fleet as well as information about vehicle history and costs. It fully integrates with all other modules in the RTA system such as Work Orders, Fuel Inventory, Part Inventory, and Tire Inventory. Costs posted in other modules are accounted for in the Vehicle Inventory module. Each vehicle contains several cost categories or "buckets" that store current period, year-to-date, and life-to-date costs. Segregating the costs in this way helps you to manage the fleet by enabling you to see the vehicle costs incurred and in which areas the highest costs are occurring. Many reports are available that provide information about the vehicle, vehicle history, maintenance cost per mile, or miles per gallon, and more.

Tracking preventive maintenance (PM) services is a breeze using the Vehicle Inventory module. Simply set up the intervals for each PM service required and RTA handles the rest. To see which vehicles are due for PM work, just run one of the many PM reports available. Work orders can even be created automatically by the system for due PMs! When a vehicle is brought in for repairs and a work order is created, the RTA system checks and indicates whether any PMs are due or due soon-thus allowing everything to be done all at once and saving the vehicle from having to be brought back in again. After a PM work order is completed, the vehicle record automatically gets updated with the PM completion mileage and date and then new PM due dates are computed.

Bumper-to-bumper, service, and extended vehicle warranties can also be tracked by the RTA system. This feature alone can save your fleet thousands of dollars, and it's unbelievably simple to set up and use! Once the warranty information has been set up, you can practically forget about it. There's no need to look up paperwork each time vehicle work is performed because the RTA system checks and notifies you if the work is covered under warranty.
There are many more features available but in order to reap the benefits from any of them, the vehicles you wish to track must be added in the system. Let's get started!

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