Setting the Maximum Tire Count

It's not necessary to set the maximum tire count in vehicle records, but doing so eliminates a warning stating that you've exceeded the maximum allowable tires from popping up every time a tire is mounted. Once the correct maximum tire count is set, if that warning pops up again, you'll know there really is a potential problem. The maximum tire count can be set individually through the vehicle record or globally for a range of vehicles using the Global Vehicle Change program in the Utilities 2 add-on package (SIVG). To set the maximum tire count for an individual vehicle record, do the following:

  1. Select Master > Vehicle > File Maintenance from the RTA main menu (MVM).
  2. Enter a vehicle number or press F1 to select a vehicle from the lookup list.
  3. Select the General tab if it is not displayed on the screen.
  4. Enter the maximum tire count, including the spare, in the Max field. NOTE: You don't need to enter a count in the Tire count field because it's updated automatically as tires are mounted and dismounted.
  5. Save the record.