Initial Setup (Shop Scheduler)

The Client Workstation installation files can be found in your RTA fleet directory in a subfolder called Client. You would execute the file called setup.exe to launch the install.
Important Note: the Client Workstation install requires administrator privileges; therefore it may require installation by an Administrator if rights are restricted for the end-user.

Selecting Job Code Usage

In the VMRS Main Screen (MRM) there is an "Allow on Schedule" check box. If this is checked, the VMRS code will show up in the Customer Scheduler Kiosk. If it is not checked, the VMRS code will not show up in the Customer Scheduler Kiosk and thus cannot be used.
Also in the VMRS file, in the Class Code Link, you can assign by Class Code the Shop Hours (which is the allocated scheduled time needed to do the job) .
The Scheduler will use this info to carve out the time slot needed when a customer requests service from the Scheduler. So based on the VMRS code selected the scheduler will automatically adjust the duration of the request to match the "Shop Hours" for that Vehicle VMRS/Class Code combination. If you don't set the shop hours for a particular job code then a time slot selected from the scheduler will use its default available time.
Example: I request an available time slot of 9:00am to 10:00am Tuesday and the VMRS code has this job for this class of vehicle set to take a scheduled time of 4 hours so it will carve out a pending slot from 9:00am to 1:00pm or if there is no scheduled time then it would remain 9:00am to 10:00am.

Service Schedule (Management) Screen (WO)

This is the management screen where you can set up available time slots, organize bays or locations inside the shop, and run your day-to-day work order schedules (See detailed Service Schedule Management)

Customer Kiosk (optional)

To access the Customer side you would will need to add a user named SCHEDULE (upper case) into the RTA Fleet Management Software user logins (SUM).
Additionally, on the kiosk computer, you need to install the RTA Workstation installation (described earlier) in order to configure the appropriate icon used to launch the kiosk mode.

Email Setup (optional)

Set up SMTP settings in RTA to allow email notifications. With Email turned on, the Scheduler program will send notifications to the customer when changes are made to their Service request (See SMTP Settings in Manual).
NOTE: The SMTP is only set up for the "From" people. So each person that logs in to RTA and/or the "SYSTEM" user (for Paperless Shop) would need to be set up.