Adding a Vendor or Work Order or Purchase Order

The process of adding a vendor to Road Call gives you the ability to do several things all at once. From this screen, we are able to add new Vendors to our system through Truck Down, create Work Orders for the outside jobs that are going to be performed, and create a Purchase Order that will automatically link to the Work Order that is created. This screen can be a very powerful tool.

  1. Press Add Vendor on the Main Road Call screen.
  2. Enter Vendor Number or Lookup by List (F1), GPS (F2), City (F3), or use the Truck Down Search Button (walk-through below).
  3. Enter GPS Coordinates if not auto filled from Vendor File. (Not Required)
  4. Enter Estimated Cost, Amount Billed, and Amount Paid, (can be added at a later time as an edit).
  5. Fill in Work Order creation information.
  6. Choose whether or not to Create PO from the Work Order.
  7. Select Add Vendor / Create WO.
  8. If you have more work or vendors to add to the Road Call you can continue to add them through this screen.