Renumber PM Codes

This utility program allows PM codes to be renumbered or relabeled (e.g. change PM C to be PM D5).

Running the Utility

  1. Select System > Custom Utilities II > PMs > Renumber PM Codes from the RTA main menu (SIPR).
  2. Read the message displayed and then choose Yes to continue.
  3. Enter the facility number or press F1 to select a facility from the lookup list.
  4. Select a radio button to indicate whether to renumber PMs by Vehicle number or Class Code.
  5. Depending on the radio button selected in the previous step, enter the starting and ending vehicle numbers or class codes to process.
  6. Enter the old PM code (e.g. A, A1, A2…Z9).
  7. Enter the new PM code (e.g. A, A1, A2…Z9).
  8. Select the Yes to No radio button to indicate whether or not to keep PM nesting data if it exists. PMs can only be nested in ascending order; therefore, if the nested PM code is greater than the new PM code, the nesting information will be removed from the PM record even if you choose to retain the PM nesting. For more information about nested PMs, refer to "Preventive Maintenance" under the Set up PM Schedules.

Any PMs in the specified range that were not renumbered will be written to an exception file named renumpms.txt.