Delete Parts by Fit Code

This utility program deletes parts with a specific fit code. This is a great utility to use when parts of a particular fit code are no longer applicable to your fleet. For example, this utility can be used to delete parts that fit a particular vehicle make or model that no longer exists in your fleet.

Running the Utility

  1. Select System > Custom Utilities > Parts > Delete by Fit-Code from the RTA main menu (SCAF).
  2. Enter password level 1.
  3. Read the message displayed and then choose Yes to continue.
  4. Enter a facility number or press F1 to select a facility from the lookup list.
  5. Enter the fit code to use for deleting parts.
  6. Select a radio button to Skip or Delete parts with multiple fit codes. Select Skip to only delete parts that have the specified fit code AND no other fit codes defined. Select Delete to delete all parts containing the specified fit code, even if other fit codes exist.