Tracking Part Usage

You can easily view general part usage for individual parts by calling up the part record and selecting View > Stock Areas and Usage from the menu or clicking on the Stock Areas and Usage icon in the toolbar (MPM).
To view a list of vehicles and work orders that contain posted transactions for a particular part (WW, WB, WPL, PQ), bring up that part record and then select View > Usage from the menu or click on the Usage icon in the toolbar. NOTE: Parts posted through fueling, TriCoders, or miscellaneous work orders are not included on the displayed list.
The RTA system provides the following summary and detailed part usage reports. Reviewing usage reports allows you to see usage history and patterns; thus, helping you to better manage inventory needs-reducing overstock on low-use parts and preventing shortages on high-use parts.

Summary Part Usage Reports

  • Inventory Balance (RPI)
  • Low Use Parts (RPL)
  • General Part Usage (RPU)
  • Parts Activity (RPC)

Detailed Part Usage Reports

  • Part Adjustments (RPP)
  • Manual Part Charge Outs (PAP)
  • Work Order Part Usage (RPA)
  • Work Order Part Usage Gain/Loss (RPG)