Re-Assigning Jobs to Another Mechanic

If an assigned job needs to be re-assigned to a different mechanic, you could release the assigned job through the Schedule Jobs option (WPS) and then assign that job to another mechanic in the same manner as you would assign a new job. However, the same task could be accomplished quicker and easier through Work Orders. To do so, complete the following steps:

  • Select the WOs option (WW).
  • Pull up the desired work order.
  • Click the line number button for the desired job or simply double-click that line to open the Edit Line window.
  • Highlight the mechanic number in the mechanic number field.
  • Type in the new mechanic number or press F1 or click the LIST button to select a mechanic from the lookup list.
  • Click the OK button to save the change and close the Edit Line window.

Once the above steps have been completed, the job will be removed from the original mechanic's list of scheduled jobs and will appear on the newly assigned mechanic's list of scheduled jobs.